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Rising Brook Library Jan 2017

Happy Birthday Rising Brook Library!

2017 marks a significant milestone in the Library’s history. It is sixty years since the Library opened as a service for local people. An important part of our vision for this year is to host a celebration for the community. Let’s have a party to say thank you to our users and neighbours. Let’s celebrate new working relationships with County Council partners and most importantly our volunteers, who come from all walks of life, all faiths and none but who have shown what an impact a willing band of helping hands can achieve in eight months. Parties are a great vehicle for connecting people and speaking life so an official opening of the Library features high on our agenda this year.

We are so thankful for prayers answered at the end of 2016, as volunteers stepped forward to take greater responsibility for the day to day running of the service, enabling us to widen and distribute the leadership.  Most significantly, the confidence, technological wizardry, ideas and skills offered by users and volunteers, have enabled us to run more efficiently and provide a wide range of courses, events and social gatherings.

Our vision for 2017 is to build sustainability in terms of training new volunteers and looking after our talented team who have served the public so faithfully to date. To this end, we want to develop a Library cluster where volunteers, friends, family and users can enjoy meeting socially. We want to increase the opportunities for all to encounter Jesus, as we work, socialise and engage in activities in and around the library.

There is a growing sense that the Library can work with other services to support vulnerable  newcomers to this country. We want to explore the possibility of developing a centre where help navigating UK systems and language tuition may be accessed. We pray that if this is what is being asked then we can meet people at their point of need.

We know that we can use the Library as a warm, hospitable place where we can share God’s love by working and engaging with our community in very practical and imaginative ways.

We also know that to continue to be “Kingdom Carriers” at the Library, financial sustainability will need to be found especially if the County reduces its current commitment. Our vision is to discern God’s will, trust and act accordingly.

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