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Restore Jan 2017: Crash

One of the ministries of Restore is Crash. [Click here to read more about Restore.]

Here Mark is letting us know about a great opportunity coming up this year. Get in touch with him for more information:

Some of you will remember a Crash team going out to St Petersburg about 3 years ago. We now have an opportunity to go out to France, to the Bless Project and spend sometime out there doing various repairs and general maintenance. Some of the work is quite specialized and needs experience, but other work is not skilled.

If you don’t know Bless, it is a Chritian Centre in a collection of beautiful farm buildings in a very quiet spot in Normandy about an hour from the port of Le Harve in France run by Gerrard and Chrissie Kelly.

Dates are not fixed at the moment but are likely to be mid to late spring, and the length of stay can be from a long weekend to a full week, with possibly a two part team some stopping for the whole week and others leaving earlier.

Bless has accommodation for several people, so costs would be primarily related to travel there and food while we are there.

So let me know if you are interested and we can work out how to proceed. Contact

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