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Liz Dipple Jan 2017: Chaplaincy & Thursday Church

Our weekday ministry in the Church Centre is rooted in Chaplaincy. In 2017 the plan is to nurture this so that it is understood as part of the DNA of Rising Brook- Chaplaincy as fully part of who we are and what we do.

What do we mean by Chaplaincy?

It’s hard to find a clear cut definition of chaplaincy as it’s rapidly expanding across the UK in many forms. However, this definition of public theology perhaps sums up the way we work here:

“Public Theology (Chaplaincy) isn’t about promoting the interests of ‘the Church’; it’s about drawing on the resources, insights and compassionate values of the Christian faith to contribute to the welfare of society.”

For us Chaplaincy is

• Practical

• Public

• Living out our faith in this community and in this building

• Sharing in a personal or organisational or community journey for a moment or for longer

Our Chaplaincy is lived out through the way we liaise with other organisations; run and host the café; care for our families and children through pre-school & Messy Church; respond to food bank clients; attend to and run day time clusters; provide Deaf ministry and community links; meet practical needs through Restore Ministries- and so it goes on. Our very presence in the Rising Brook area offers a reassurance to local people- that should they need us – we’re here for them- whoever they are and whatever their circumstances.

Anyone interested in being part of the weekday presence please contact


Thursday Church

What is God saying to us about Thursday Church in 2017?

Thursday Church is space in the week to connect with God and others and is run through the Chaplaincy of the Church Centre.

Building on 2016 we can say that there is no defined worship style – sometimes we meet with God through music, other times through sign and visual experience and sometimes through media or meditative prayer.

There will be a talk based on the Sunday themes and a time of communion once a month.

This year we remain committed to Thursdays being welcoming and accessible to anyone; to maintaining a term time presence and providing a place of spiritual home.

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