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The Staffordshire Pirang Partnership is a locally based community link between Staffordshire and Pirang in The Gambia committed to empowering individuals and organisations, to help communities flourish.

With several programmes running between our two communities and exciting new projects planned, we are working to build a greater future for local people in The Gambia. Come and join us on this Gambian adventure.


The Staffordshire Pirang Partnership works with the local communities across Staffordshire (including Stone, Stafford and Huntington) in the UK and Pirang in The Gambia to share funds and resources in order to provide relief from hardship, and social and economic disadvantage.

In addition to providing school lunches in order to advance the educational life of young people, we work to provide medical support for local people as well as enrich the life of the community in ways to alleviate social and economic disadvantage.


Our key aim is to use existing resources within The Gambia community and provide additional support to deliver projects which bring greater benefits to local people in order to achieve a high quality of life for all.


  • Partnership-led
  • Recognition of cultural relationships (no favouritism)
  • Awareness of multi-tribal sensitivities and being fair to all
  • Learning and mutual benefits for both communities
  • Added value for the community to ensure local projects are sustainable for the long term


The Staffordshire Pirang Partnership was started by Stone Baptist Church in 2014, now called Church at the Crossing and part of Rising Brook. Through this Partnership the two communities have established a long-term sustainable approach to add significant value to all involved.

Since 2014 a number of visits have taken place to Pirang by local people from Stone, most recently in November 2018.

The Pirang Development Committee representing the local community in The Gambia, overseeing projects in the village as well as managing funds, co-ordinating local labour and materials. Supported by Staffordshire communities, both in the UK and The Gambia, the Partnership currently runs several projects in Pirang to benefit the whole community.


  • Distribute medical equipment including wheelchairs and crutches
  • Send resources from the UK as part of visits and freight containers
  • The Food for Thought lunch programme for nursery school children
  • Develop high value relationships with key community leaders
  • Completing a community building to provide a self-sufficient income for local residents in Pirang to enable further community projects
  • Successful trips in 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 delivering specific practical support (enhancement of primary school environment, strengthening cross cultural bonds, links to the medical centre)


  • Increase regular giving for the Food for Thought programme to be fully sustainable and other initiatives through enhanced regular income (with Gift Aid)
  • Raise profile of the Staffordshire Pirang Partnership
  • Potentially add to the leadership group, particularly people with experience in development projects
  • Continued access to educational and medical resources
  • Invite people to join us on future trips



The Food for Thought programme started in 2014 by supporting nursery school children at the Good Shepherd Nursery School in Pirang with a main lunchtime meal each day. Binta the headteacher is extremely grateful for being able to feed the children in her care.

Following the visit in 2017 the Food For Thought program was introduced to the Pirang Nursery School. Through Soloman the headteacher it became known that some local families were making a decision between feeding their children or giving them an education. Teachers observed that some children could not concentrate in class because of being hungry.
During this year the aim is to provide sufficient funds on a monthly basis. In the future a potential opportunity is to offer free education to those families who can not afford to pay for nursery school fees. In The Gambia free education is only provided to those over the age of 6 years.


The Pirang Health Centre, just outside the village, is the only medical facility to a number of communities in the local area, yet is only serviced by one part-time nurse called Mary who provides the following services:

  • Antenatal advice and support for parents; supplying information and guidance on breastfeeding, hygiene, nutrition, baby clothes and safety information.
  • Advice to parents will be available at significant transition points for the family (e.g. pre-birth, early days, settling into childcare).
  • Child Health Program and nutritional advice will be available for parents
    There are a number of exciting opportunities to support Mary in her outstanding work including provision of baby clothes, funding for water and electricity in the health centre, mending the ambulance to transport local people to the nearest hospital in Brikama, and maternity equipment.


Since 2014 significant work has been carried out to complete a new Community Centre in Pirang which can be used for events, training programmes, Government medical initiatives, educational ceremonies and rented out for private functions.
There are further opportunities to support facilities at the Community Centre including a new toilet block, internal solar electrics as well as tables and chairs to rent out.
Money collected from the Community Centre being used by a variety of organisations and local people will be used to support community work.
Through the community worker, Nyamo, we will continue to work with individuals and families needing to access support through home visits.


Overwhelming expenses continues to cause the number of children in education to be a challenge. Education is key to children’s lives and yet, in Pirang, some children can not attend nursery school because of the cost per term being 50 Delasis (£1).
In a village littered with potholes, children spent hours doing chores, enjoying childhood but with little hope of ever receiving an education. We can step in to change the lives of these children, by resourcing the Food for Thought program or support the costs of a teacher in order to provide the children with nursery education.


Make a financial donation
Visit the Donate page to make a donation to the work of the Staffordshire-Pirang Partnership. You can give to specific projects or contribute to our general fund.

Raise funds for Staffordshire-Pirang Partnership with a fundraiser event. If you have an idea of what you would like to do, Staffordshire-Pirang Partnership will supply you with the necessary paperwork and support to ensure your event is a success!

Become a Food for Thought child sponsor for just £3 per month
For £3 a month you can ensure that a child receives a free school meal everyday.

Invite someone from Staffordshire-Pirang Partnership as a speaker
We have many stories to tell about our adventures in The Gambia and how lives have been transformed and the challenges that people still face. To book one of our inspirational speakers please email us.

Be part of a trip to The Gambia.
Why not join us on our next trip to The Gambia? For more information about visiting The Gambia please contact us.


There is a large variety of items that we need to continue building a greater future for the Pirang community in The Gambia, including

  • Sports equipment (clothing, footballs, tennis balls and sticks)
  • Educational books and stationary (dictionaries, encyclophidas etc..)
  • Posters suitable for nursery and primary school children
  • New born baby clothes
  • Medical equipment to support maternity services
  • Single duvets, pillows, sheets as well as lightweight curtains
  • Unused toiletries, wipeable table cloths, cleaning equipment
  • Bookshelves and storage boxes for the school libraries
  • Clean lightweight clothing


Through our Sam, who is based in the UK and Gambia, we are able to collect goods in the UK and transport them to Pirang in order to benefit the whole community.

The Staffordshire-Pirang Partnership collect a wide variety of items (educational resources, clothing, medical disability aids etc) for the containers and personally distribute all of them when we get to Pirang, through the help of Sam and our local contact Nyamo in Pirang.


We value your support. We have provided several options below to help you make a donation, should you choose to. If you would rather donate via bank transfer or standing order, please contact us for details. For further information about our charity’s income, and expenditure, visit the Charity Commission.

Account Name: Rising Brook Baptist Church
Sort Code: 30-98-00
Account Number: 00404757

And don’t forgot to download and fill in a Gift Aid form and email back to the Finance Team.

Please specify which project the money being transferred is for (eg. Food for Thought) as part of the reference.