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At Rising Brook, we want to see everyone grow to be fully devoted followers of Jesus. We follow a four-stage discipleship track that we call ‘The Journey’.

Know God

The first step of The Journey is simple but powerful. Getting to know God means asking difficult questions and developing faith. This isn’t an action you can do just once in your life, it’s an ongoing process of knowing and becoming known by God.


Alpha is a free course for anyone waning to explore questions about faith. It’s open to people of any or no belief, and gives you a comfortable environment to go through the basics of Christian faith with others. Alpha is run all over the world, and you can sign up for our next course online.


If you’re new to church, Clusters are the best way to get to know other people and find a place to belong. Each cluster is a community of people who gather together around a common mission. There are a large number of different clusters within our church, so we are certain that they’ll be something that will suit you and introduce you to new friends. You can find more details about each community and get in touch with them by visiting Clusters.


Part of knowing God is taking on His heart for the people and world around us. At Rising Brook that drives us to act, as we live out our faith by serving others as we see Jesus doing. There are many different ways to go that: whether through serving on a team or ministry at church, being part of the outward mission of one of our Clusters, or simply exploring how you can apply what you know about God at your work, at school or with your friends and family.

Find Freedom

The second step of growing in faith and becoming a follower of Jesus is to find the true freedom that God offers. That can be by getting to know and experience more of God, or by exploring and dealing with the things that hold us back from experiencing Him.


Finding Freedom in Christ is a discipleship course run across a number of sessions. We have all gone through difficult times in our lives which affect our choices. Sometimes we’ve made wrong choices, or have got hurt or damaged and these things can hold us back spiritually. Click here to find out what our upcoming courses are.

Other courses (depending on stage of life):

  • The Marriage Course is a series of seven sessions designed to help any married couple strengthen their relationship. It’s a great opportunity to spend time together as a couple looking at the important issues in your marriage. Each session gives an opportunity to a couple to enjoy a meal together, listen to a talk and discuss with each other.
  • Parent Talk is a short course that explores parenting. We currently run parent/carer courses for both teenagers and small children.


Small groups form as part of our clusters and give the opportunity to meet regularly with others. Being part of each others’ lives creates a solid foundation for us to grow in faith and build relationships with one another. It also offers us a valuable structure for the church to care pastorally for individuals and provide any support needed when life gets tough.


Prayer and other spiritual disciplines are the exercise we do as followers of Jesus. We can explore topics within our small groups to learn more about ways we can connect with God and see action in His world. We also engage with more specific prayer-led courses such as Sozo, where we intentionally focus on how prayer can bring freedom, healing and restoration.

Discover Purpose

The third step is discovering who we are and how we connect in to God’s greater plan for the world. Each of us is unique in our strengths, skills and gifting – and God has created us that way to be able to play our part in seeing His Kingdom on earth as in heaven.


Discovering Your Gifting is a short course that explores different ways of learning more about yourself and God. The Bible shows us that everyone in the church has been given gifts and abilities to help them play their part in God’s work of creating a new community that shares His love with the world.


Being part of a cluster and small group gives us a safe place to have a go at exercising our different giftings. Being surrounded by people who know you, where it is safe to make mistakes and learn new things, gives us the opportunity to grow and develop in finding God’s purposes for our lives.


As part of discovering more about ourselves and how God is on the move, we encourage people to learn more about the different teams, ministries and mission work that Rising Brook is involved in. Serving others through your gifting is one of the most important things we can do as a follower of Jesus. Sometimes discovering our purpose in God’s Kingdom can also lead us to ask bigger questions about our jobs, our lifestyles, or what our dreams are for the future.

Make A Difference

The fourth step in The Journey is living in such a way that we change the world. Whilst the other steps include a mix of inward- and outward-looking actions, the final step in the process is about lifting our eyes to see God’s bigger picture. We are called to be co-creators with God of His Kingdom on the earth and so we want to engage our minds in what that can look like today.

We run a variety of other courses and opportunities for people to engage in specific areas. There are also a wealth of resources available to small groups who want to learn more about particular topics together.

Some examples of areas to explore:

Alpha Course

The Alpha Course is a free course run throughout the world that offers a space to ask questions about faith. We’d love to meet you at one of the regular Alpha Courses that we run, available both in the day and evening.

Tuesday Central

Tuesday Central runs on Tuesday evenings during term time from 6.30pm. It’s a great place to hang out as there is always a buzz around the place with interesting people to talk to and a variety of activities on offer. It’s THE place to go to find out the answer to the question, ‘What next?’ Perhaps you want to find out more about the Christian faith, how to join a cluster or to volunteer for a tech team. Whatever it might be, Tony & Yolanda Schofield will be there, with their team, to look after you and point you in the right direction. View our upcoming courses here.

As part of Tuesday Central, The Brook Cafe is open from 6.30pm to 8pm serving a wide range of drinks, snacks and meals all at very reasonable prices. There are always lots of other things going on in the building during that time, so it is a bit of a hive of activity. Feel free to drop in and have a coffee at any time.