Staffordshire, UK  01785 214750
A growing church seeking to show the love of Jesus

Rising Brook is a church based in Stafford, UK. We are a member of the Baptist Union of Great Britain and part of the Heart of England Baptist Association. We are also a member of Fresh Streams, the Willow Creek Association, the Evangelical Alliance and Global Connections.

Our Values

These are the values by which our church can live and work. Clearly there are values that would apply to any Christian or church, but we believe them to be the unique calling and identity that the Holy Spirit has given to Rising Brook.

The Mission of God
All that we are about is in response to Jesus’ sending of his church to be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the ends of the earth

The Kingdom of Heaven here on earth
Jesus defined his mission through his description of the Kingdom of Heaven being seen on the earth. Helping the poor, the sick being healed, deliverance for those in spiritual bondage and hope for the broken hearted.

The Presence of God
Our personal lives can be characterised by the present work of the Holy Spirit and together, our fellowship can be identified through the manifest presence of God in worship, prayer, preaching and the love we have for each other.

There is no divide between the sacred and the secular. Our faith is as much for the world we live in as it is for church activities. Also, our faith is incarnated in culture so that we express ourselves normally and not religiously, so that the only thing which distinguishes us as God’s people is His presence and its results.

Grace, Truth and Time
Jesus is himself full of Grace and Truth. Grace which invites us into a relationship with God, even while we were still sinners; and Truth which aligns us with how to live excellently. Time is the gift of God in which we can allow His grace and truth to shape us and mould us to become more like Jesus.

Hospitality and Embrace
Being hospitable is good news acted out. It is a sacrificial and rewarding imitation of the Father’s big plan to throw a banquet to which all are invited.

There are seven ways in which we are partners in the church – worshipping, small groups, serving, giving, witnessing, growing and praying/participating in the vision and direction of the church

Growth and Expression
Change is here to stay – as a response to the world we serve and the God we obey. Our creativity is a reflection of God’s creative power which celebrates diversity, expression, beauty and innovation in the whole of creation

Marriage, Family and Work
These three pillars of life are the areas in the New Testament where we work out our discipleship. They are the areas in our society where the teaching and power of Jesus is most needed.